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The value of garden scale urban agriculture is increasingly being recognized by professionals around the globe. Growing food and non-food crops in and near cities contributes to both individual and collective well being. Preschool to High School students are learning about how food and non-food crops grow and are engaged in growing their own!

Outdoor Classroom

School gardens are a great way to use the schoolyard as a classroom! Connect students with nature and teach them valuable gardening and agriculture concepts and skills that integrate with several subjects, such as math, science, health and physical education, art, social studies, as well as goal setting and responsibility.

Garden Themes

Brainstorming and choosing a garden theme(s) can be a great way to offer your students the opportunity for creative and critical thinking! Here are some fun ideas:

Dinosaur garden (Plants that have been around for centuries!)

Rainbow garden

Veggie soup garden (What veggies would your students like to put into their soup!)

Sensory garden

Herb garden (There are so many cool things you can make from your herb garden!)

Butterfly garden

pizza garden (What veggies would your students like to put on their pizza!)

And much much more!


Plan and design your garden according to your space and gardening goals. Remember to choose a site that is visible and accessible to students and to your water source. Choose a site where vegetables will get lots of sun.

Send us your ideas and dimensions or invite us to your site. We will put together your free and easy to read estimate. 

Like our signature planters? Did you know that all of our signature planters can be modified to fit your unique space and gardening needs! PLUS we offer 15% off of our retail line on orders placed for educational programs.


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Students learn patience, cooperation, teamwork and social skills

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Garden based teaching addresses different learning styles

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Students are more prone to choosing healthy foods over junk food

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Teach valuable gardening skills that integrate with several subjects 

Dewdney Elementary School

Community Outdoor Recreation & Environment

Education Program

"A big shout out to Riverbend Planters... a new business in Hatzic. They made us these beautiful vertical garden boxes and left one unassembled for our older students to learn how to assemble. They supplied the screwdrivers too! An awesome applied skill for students to learn. They also gave us a great deal on them and even better, they are local."

Li'l Smarties Licensed Family Childcare Center

"A big thank you to Riverbend Planters for the beautiful and functional planters! The children have been learning about colors, nutrition and have created a number of garden inspired arts and crafts here at the center."