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(Outer Dimensions) 39 3/4" Wide x 36" High x 23" Footprint x 8" Deep Boxes w/ Fabric Liner

Natural $165


Staining Package $40

Poly Liner $25

This new version of our Signature 3 Tier was created based on our available lumber, due to the current wide spread lumber shortage, that many in the BC market are facing. We hope the market corrects itself sooner rather then later. In the meantime, this Signature 3 Tier Hybrid offers the same features / design - Please note the slight difference in dimensions and box depth.

This space saving vertical planter allows you to grow an abundance of vegetables, herbs, fruit or your own cascading wall of flowers, with minimal maintenance! Handcrafted of locally sourced, 100% Canadian, Western Red Cedar, that is naturally rot and insect resistant. Our three tier planters are perfect for any outdoor space. Its vertical design and removable planter boxes allow for easier planting and harvest. Your back will thank you! The sturdy cedar frame leans on most vertical surfaces, or forms an A-frame configuration when partnered with a second three tier planter. Choose to stain your planter or leave your planter natural and develop a gray patina with age.

- Fully assembled. No tools required.

- Removable boxes and vertical design minimizes back & knee strain

- Tiers allow for variety in planting

- Locally sourced 100% Canadian western red cedar – untreated

- Naturally rot & insect resistant

- 1 year limited warranty 

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